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Q. What is the minimum starting bid for all horses?
A. Each minimum starting bid can vary.  Typical starting bid prices are $1,000.00 or $5,000.00.

Q. Can I put a Reserve on my horse?
A. You can assign a “Reserve Bid” and a “Buy It Now” bid.

Q. What is the entry fee?
A. The entry fee is $250 per lot.

Q. Is there a commission/consignment in addition to the entry fee?
A. There is no commission/consignment.

Q. What do I need to provide to help sell my horse?
A. Send up to 4 photos, a YouTube® video link, and a 150-word description that supports your entry. Good photos and good videos
are very important, as in most cases this is what the bidders use to make their decisions.

Q. What volume of traffic will view my auction offering?
A. This varies from horse to horse, but typically on the downside your horse will be viewed approximately 600 times and on the
high side 2,000 times.

Q. How will prospective bidders contact me for information on my horse?
A. Bidders may contact you directly or via your horse’s auction page. It is very important that you respond quickly and honestly
when asked for information on your horse.

Q. How will the auction be promoted?
A. Arabian Horse Times will promote AHT Online Auction the way only we can! We heavily rely on our very successful
blast e-mail service, Facebook and the home page of our website, www.ahtimes.com, to get the word out in a timely fashion.
It is a formula that works.

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